Bylaw Details

City of North Vancouver

A flock of up to 8 hens is permitted in the City of North Vancouver, in areas zoned for single family residence.  Please review the urban chicken guidelines and zoning map as published by the CNV.

For further information, or to review the official bylaw, you may refer to the CNV urban hens resource page.

District of North Vancouver

A flock of up to 6 hens is allowed in the District of North Vancouver, in single family residential zones.  Yearly permit, coop inspection and electric fence are required.  Please review the DNV website for further information on requirements and guidelines.

District of West Vancouver

The District of West Vancouver allows residents of single family residential zones, to keep up to 6 hens. Registration and coop inspection are required.  Please refer to the DWV website for more information.


Where is the Boundary between the City and District of North Vancouver?

Please refer to the following Google map