DIY Chicken Salad Bar

DIY Chicken Salad Bar
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I’ve been wanting to build a covered ‘salad bar’ in the run scarce, but would allow the seeds to sprout and grow without being bothered by the hens.

When My Pet Chicken recently sent me a few packages of their “Chicken Salad” Seed Mix, I knew it was time to get out my power tools and build that salad bar!

The instructions below are using what I had on hand , but you can certainly adapt the project to use what you have handy. I also wanted to keep it fairly small so the top wouldn’t sag when my hens stood on it, which you KNOW they will do! But feel free to size it to your liking.


Two 3′ boards and two 2′ boards (I think the ones I used were 1x6s)
8 long deck screws
10′ furring strip cut into two 3′ long lengths and two 2′ long lengths
3′ x 2′-2″ piece of 1/2″ hardware cloth
Four flat brackets
Set of small hinges
Packet of seed
Tools Needed
Cordless Drill
Tape measure
Wire cutters
Staple gun/staples

Chicken Tunnel System

Excerpt of Original post:
Clever Tunnel System Makes Chickens Do The Gardening

Sami Grover / Living / Green Food

Image credit: Ecofilms Australia

We’ve already seen how one farmer trains her chickens to eat slugs, and the internet is full of examples of chicken tractors—portable coops that can be moved to allow hens to till, fertilize, and weed a plot while providing pest control in the process. (see also this overview of chicken tractors at Planet Green.) But one Australian permaculturist has taken this idea to the next level—designing an intricate system of “chook tunnels” that let him funnel his ladies into any part of his garden. The amount of work that these creatures can do is actually quite amazing.