DNV Public Hearing on Backyard Hens

Its time for the next step toward getting this bylaw passed! We need your support ASAP!

A Public Hearing for the proposed bylaw to allow for backyard hens will be held on Tuesday May 16, 2017.

  • What: District of North Vancouver Public Hearing on Backyard Hens
  • When: Tuesday, May 16, 2017 – 7pm
  • Where: District Hall
    355 West Queens Road
    North Vancouver
  • Why: To make our voices of support heard!
We apologize for any miscommunication regarding our progress; this has been an evolving process.  We had been lead to believe that the public input collected via the DNV website would be the final step in council’s deliberation on this issue.  Further to the council meeting of April 10, we were advised that a formal Public Hearing process would be required.
Your support for this coming Public Hearing is essential.  It would be great to have your support in person on Tuesday May 16th, however we have been advised that written letters hold the same “weight” as voicing your support in person.  If you cannot attend on May 16th please write your mayor and council to voice your support.
We have also been advised that all previous correspondence gathered from the DNV website will not be submitted for consideration in this Public Hearing, so it is imperative that you resubmit your letter of support now.
Your letter of support can be as simple as an email stating “I NAME, reside at ADDRESS. I am a resident of the DNV and I support the proposed bylaw to allow for the keeping of backyard hens.”

Please provide a written submission of your support now, to the Public Hearing via email and cc your Mayor and Council.  Contact details have been provided below.  

Public Hearing <input@dnv.org>
Richard Walton <rwalton@dnv.org>
Roger Bassam <rbassam@dnv.org>
Robin Hicks <rhicks@dnv.org>
Dough MacKay-Dunn <Dmackay-dunn@dnv.org>
Lisa Muri <lmuri@dnv.org>
Matthew Bond <Mbond@dnv.org>
Jim Hanson <jhanson@dnv.org>
For further details on the process of this Public Hearing please review the District Notice.