Common Problems with Egg Yolks


Problems with egg yolks can be confusing and leave you wondering if it’s natural or not? When you crack your eggs open, are there odd bloody spots? Are the yolks white, or maybe there are two yellow yolks? All of these issues with the egg yolks have to do with the age of your chicken, the breed of the chicken, and how healthy they are. Your chickens eggs are an indicator as to illnesses, and certain age problems. Listed here is a few common problems with egg yolks, to help you indicate what you should do to alleviate the issues as well as if it’s normal or not.


problems with egg yolks…


Double Yolks


Double yolks can be caused by the breed of the chicken. They can also because caused by hormone introduction that causes them to ovulate faster than what they should. Double yolks also form naturally as a result of twins in a egg. The yolk splits in two inside the egg.


problems with egg yolks double yolks 300x223 Problems with Egg Yolks


Blood spots in the Yolk


Drastic temperature changes can cause blood spots in the eggs. Also when chickens have certain respiratory illnesses, and when they become old can cause blood spots.


Problems with egg yolks bloody spots Problems with Egg Yolks


Yolk-less eggs


When chickens are to young to ovulate sometimes they lay eggs with no yolks. Know also as fairy eggs or witch eggs. Also when hens do not lay for long periods of time over the winter. The first eggs that come in the spring sometimes end up with no yolks.


Problems with egg yolks no yolk 300x225 Problems with Egg Yolks


White Yolks


White Yolks are caused by poor nutrition, worms, parasites, and unknown illnesses.


problems with egg yolks white yolk 300x225 Problems with Egg Yolks


Spotted or Blotched eggs


Eggs that are blotched or mottled, are caused by dewormers and some medications given to chickens when they are sick. It can also be caused by a calcium deficiency, or if the egg is rotten. Also if the chickens have eaten cotton seed meal.


problems with egg yolks mottled egg Problems with Egg Yolks


Healthy Egg yolks will be a dark yellow to deep orange colored, the whites should be clear and the yolks yellow and white should be thick. The more yellow or orange looking the yolks are the higher the yolks are in proteins and Omega Fatty Acids.

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