City of North Vancouver Hatches Plan to Allow Chickens

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City of North Vancouver Hatches Plan to Allow Chickens
Benjamin Alldritt / North Shore News

Image credit: Mike Wakefield, North Shore News

THE City of North Vancouver is getting cracking on a new bylaw allowing residents to keep chickens.Council voted unanimously to instruct staff to brood over the issue following a presentation Monday from the Canadian Liberated Urban Chicken Klub, or CLUCK.Lianne Shyry told council her group has 25 chapters across Canada, and backyard chickenkeeping has seen success in Vancouver, New Westminster, Saanich, Portland, Victoria and New York.”Chickens are pets as well as a wonderful egg source,” Shyry said, adding that the birds could also further the city’s goals in terms of sustainability, food security, education and community building.

“Chickens are gardeners,” she said. “They will naturally deal with pests and weeds. They will eat just about anything you would put in your compost as well as aerate the soil. At the other end of things, chicken manure is high in nitrogen and is a highly regarded fertilizer sought after by gardeners. Because they are composters they will reduce municipal waste. Chickens are food producers – studies show that a happy chicken results in not only a better-tasting egg but actually a more nutritionally rich egg at an affordable price.”

Shyry said chickens provide valuable insight for children and adults into where their food comes from as well as being enjoyable pets.

“What other pet delivers a return on your investment?” she asked.